The most Timeless and Indulgent Scent of Nature's Magic in a Bottle


Classic Attar

Exotic Attar

ATTAR - The Invisible and Unforgettable Essence of Life

What's the one thing you remember about a person that never leaves your mind? The one thing that always makes you feel loved and calms you down even when no one is around. That one touch of care and the incredible fragrance that you need is what our "ATTAR" is all about. 

Attar, commonly known as "Ittar", is not a unique idea. It is something ancient, about 60,000 years old and is said to be derived from the Arabic word 'itr' (عطر), meaning 'Perfume.' Indian Granths and epics hold the sheer proof that Kings and Queens used to start their day by applying freshly prepared Attar.

According to "Agni Purana", the consumption of fragrance was enormous in the Harems of King. They love to take a bath with over 150 different aromas of essential oils and perfumes. In old times, women were referred to as Gandhkarika or Gandhadika, who used to formulate these scents with plants and flowers. Those natural extracts were then added into oils to maintain a long-lasting effect.


Fragrance strengths EDF 1-2%, EDC 2-5%, EDT 5-15%, EDP 15-20%, Perfume 20-30% concentration - french fragrances
Attar by Jebbel 100% concentration non-alcoholic. Last for 24-48 hours on clothes and 8-10 hours on the skin

Without changing the true nature of Attar, Jebbel has created a 100% pure and alcohol-free fragrance. The best part is that it needs no re-application and lasts 24-48 hours on clothes and 8-10 hours on the skin.


The aroma that we wear establishes our unique identity and also makes us smell good all day long. Like our personality, Attar also has different layers referred to as "Notes".

Fragrance notes are three layers of scents whose unification make up the final aroma. Depending on their evaporation duration, those three layers are:

Fragrance notes, Top notes last for 5-15 minutes, Heart notes last for 20-60 minutes and Base notes last for more than 6 hours

Top Notes / Head Notes-   Sometimes known as the 'Opening Note,' it forms the top most layer of a fragrance. They are the first notes you smell after your Attar application. Top notes are light in weight and hence the first to fade, leaving their remarkable impression.

Middle Notes / Heart Notes- Lie at the heart of fragrance; heart notes make up 40-80% of the scent. Appearing just after the top note, it deepens the pleasant experience of exquisite aroma.

Base Notes-  Being the last, the base note is a deep and smooth fragrance with a dry period. It is vibrant and heavy, hence lingers longest on the skin.

Jebbel does not just store the fragrance in a bottle. But it also holds the incredible scents of beautiful places, fresh breezes and memories that reflect your actual persona.