Classic Attar

In beauty, we often talk about trends, but sometimes it's best to stick to the classics when it comes to fragrance. To honour the long lost aromas of old times, we rounded them up so you can keep them on your radar, forever and always. We have some of the best all-time fragrances in our store.

Jebbel classic attars are the epitome of a classic in the modern sense. Known for their simple yet effective scents, classic attars open with the burst of delicious aromas.  Our three iconic classic attars were made for sophisticated personalities and thus have stood the test of time. Gulab attar has an enchanting power of love and affection; Mogra attar features the perfect blend of jasmine with sandalwood, and Musk attar is a warm touch of calming embrace.

Our classic attar offers a unique collection of oriental and western style fragrances inspired by Arabic culture and heritage. The aromatic composition is full of sensual floral woody-musk chords, with the unification of Amber and sandalwood essential oils. It sounds perfect for all weathers, and for completing all your looks. Choose cruelty-free and skin-friendly attars that last for more than 24 hours on your clothes. Order now!