Exotic Attar

The fragrance has great power. It arouses desires, memories, relief, and emotions, which lead to peace of mind. Such is the influence of our exotic attar, bringing serenity to reason and adhering to the culture. This is what Jebbel believed and created the most magnificent fragrances. Today, this is embedded in our philosophy to serve this rich aromatic tradition to the entire world.

Jebbel makes sure every bottle of attar is dabbed with quality & craft, and indeed, in each bottle of our exotic scents and in every whiff you take; you will find this rich culture.  With a lot of research and expenditure, we have managed to craft three amazing exotic attars with diverse fragrance notes.

Feel the soothing romance of Decadence of love; listen to the addictive melody of Secret affection and admire the bliss on earth with Heaven in a Bottle. All of our attars have a unique and premium personality of their own. With the renaissance of outstanding notes such as mojito, pink pepper, chamomile, hyacinth, ylang-ylang, white flower, and many more, you can admire the world's extravagant scents in a single whiff. Leave a never forgetting smell in people's minds; Buy our exotic attar now!