About Us

‘Jebbel’ delivers the mysterious charm of scents acquired from the holy universe of fragrances. Manifesting the power of aromas, we create classic and exotic attar, displayed in glass bottles and embellishments.

Based in New Delhi, India, Jebbel brings unique ancient scents in classic collections and new scents in exotic collections. We believe nobody should be absent from our heavenly fragrances. We aspire to alter the fragrance market and bring back the conventional, age-old attars in a new form.

With the help of qualified experts, all our products are made with in-depth knowledge and measures. Jebbel makes exquisite scents with imperceptible enthusiasm. We start from aromas created instinctively and later carefully make them into flawlessness.

We endeavour to quintessential our scents and guarantee that you are offered the best of our work. We bring the most popular and well-liked attars to the market. With authentic notes, Jebbel’s attar is long-lasting and skin-friendly.

We exist to encourage our client’s way of life through imagination, evolution, and consistent amplification. Presently,  ‘Jebbel’ is set up to expand its adequate foundation and confer our resolute client base with an online space for obtaining beautiful attars at affordable costs – while never leaving the solace of home.